Architectural Glass and Glazing in Ayrshire from AWM Stained Glass Design

Architectural glazing describes any of the glazed elements in a building. Make your architectural visions a reality. AWM Glass Design Ayrshire, design and supply architectural stained glass creations for any commercial, new build or home improvement project. Make your Ayrshire architectural visions a reality. We design and supply architectural glass and glazing products in Ayrshire for any commercial, new build or home improvement project. Our AWM Glass Design expert team works to produce bespoke architectural glazing solutions from design, engineering right through to installation in your Ayrshire property and throughout Scotland.

At AWM Glass design Ayrshire, we designrepair & fit architectural glass and glazing for Ayrshire Businesses, homes & period properties accross wider Ayrshire postcodes.

Specialising in the design, construction, restoration and installation of architectural glass and glazing services in Ayrshire.

AWM Glass Design Ayrshire specialises in the design and installation of architectural glazing for the residential, public sector, commercial and retail. We supply architectural glass and glazing services across the following Ayrshire postcodes and throughout Scotland, which include but are not exclusive to:


East Ayrshire

Kilmarnock and Loudoun

The approximate coverage of the postcode districts:

Postcode districtPost townCoverageLocal authority area
KA1 1KILMARNOCKKilmarnockEast Ayrshire
KA1 2KILMARNOCKKilmarnock, Bonnyton, GrangeEast Ayrshire
KA1 3KILMARNOCKKilmarnock Centre, BellfieldEast Ayrshire
KA1 4KILMARNOCKKilmarnock, Caprington, Riccarton, ShortleesEast Ayrshire
KA1 5KILMARNOCKHurlford SouthEast Ayrshire
KA2 0KILMARNOCKKnockentiber, CrosshouseEast Ayrshire
KA3 1KILMARNOCKKilmarnock, Altonhill, Knockinlaw, Longpark, Beansburn, HillheadEast Ayrshire
KA3 2KILMARNOCKKilmaurs, Kirktoun, OnthankEast Ayrshire
KA3 3KILMARNOCKStewartonEast Ayrshire
KA3 4KILMARNOCKLugton, DunlopEast Ayrshire
KA3 5KILMARNOCKStewarton, Fullwood, KingsfordEast Ayrshire
KA3 6KILMARNOCKKilmarnock, Southcraigs, Fenwick, Crookedholm, Hurlford NorthEast Ayrshire
KA3 7KILMARNOCKKilmarnock, Whinpark, New Farm Loch, BeansburnEast Ayrshire
KA4 8GALSTONGalstonEast Ayrshire
KA16 9NEWMILNSNewmilns, GreenholmEast Ayrshire
KA17 0DARVELDarvelEast Ayrshire

Cumnock and Doon Valley

Postcode districtPost townCoverageLocal authority area
KA5 5MAUCHLINETarboltonEast Ayrshire
KA5 6MAUCHLINEMauchline, Catrine and SornEast Ayrshire
KA6 6AYRDalrymple, Hollybush and CoyltonEast Ayrshire
KA6 7AYRPatna, Dalmellington, Bellsbank, Waterside, Rankinston and DronganEast Ayrshire
KA18 1CUMNOCKCumnockEast Ayrshire
KA18 2CUMNOCKOchiltree and AuchinleckEast Ayrshire
KA18 3CUMNOCKMuirkirk, Smallburn, Lugar and LoganEast Ayrshire
KA18 4CUMNOCKNew CumnockEast Ayrshire

North Ayrshire


Postcode districtPost townCoverageLocal authority area
KA11 1IRVINEGirdle Toll, Stanecastle, Bourtreehill, BroomlandsNorth Ayrshire
KA11 2IRVINEPerceton, Lawthorn, Sourlie, Doura, RoddinghillNorth Ayrshire
KA11 3IRVINESpringsideNorth Ayrshire
KA11 4IRVINEIrvine, DreghornNorth Ayrshire
KA11 5IRVINEIrvine, DreghornNorth Ayrshire
KA12 0IRVINEIrvineNorth Ayrshire
KA12 8IRVINEFullartonNorth Ayrshire
KA12 9IRVINEIrvine Centre, StanecastleNorth Ayrshire
KA20STEVENSTONStevenstonNorth Ayrshire
KA21 5SALTCOATSSaltcoats SouthNorth Ayrshire
KA21 6SALTCOATSSaltcoats NorthNorth Ayrshire
KA22 7ARDROSSANArdrossan, Whitlees, ChapelhillNorth Ayrshire
KA22 8ARDROSSANArdrossanNorth Ayrshire


Postcode districtPost townCoverageLocal authority area
KA13 6KILWINNINGKilwinningNorth Ayrshire
KA13 7KILWINNINGKilwinningNorth Ayrshire
KA14 3BEITHBeith, Glengarnock, LongboatNorth Ayrshire
KA15 1BEITHBeith, Glengarnock, LongboatNorth Ayrshire
KA15 2BEITHBeith NorthNorth Ayrshire
KA23 9WEST KILBRIDEWest KilbrideNorth Ayrshire
KA24 4DALRYDalryNorth Ayrshire
KA24 5DALRYDalry, DrakemyreNorth Ayrshire
KA25 6KILBIRNIEKilbirnie SouthNorth Ayrshire
KA25 7KILBIRNIEKilbirnie NorthNorth Ayrshire
KA27 8ISLE OF ARRANHoly Island, Brodick, Isle of Arran (all towns)North Ayrshire
KA28 0ISLE OF CUMBRAEMillportNorth Ayrshire
KA29 0LARGSLargs, Glenside, Fairlie, KelburnNorth Ayrshire
KA30 8LARGSLargsNorth Ayrshire
KA30 9LARGSLargs EastNorth Ayrshire

South Ayrshire


Postcode districtPost townCoverageLocal authority area
KA6 6AYRCoyltonSouth Ayrshire
KA7 1AYRAyrSouth Ayrshire
KA7 2AYRAyr, BelmontSouth Ayrshire
KA7 3AYRHolmston, Forehill, Belmont, Castlehill, Masonhill, KincaidsonSouth Ayrshire
KA7 4AYRDoonfoot, AllowaySouth Ayrshire
KA8 0AYRDalmilling, CragieSouth Ayrshire
KA8 8AYRWoodfield, WallacetownSouth Ayrshire
KA8 9AYRHeathfield, Whitletts, Newton on Ayr, Lochside, BraeheadSouth Ayrshire


Postcode districtPost townCoverageLocal authority area
KA2 9KILMARNOCKDundonaldSouth Ayrshire
KA6 5AYRMossblown, AnnbankSouth Ayrshire
KA9 1PRESTWICKPrestwickSouth Ayrshire
KA9 2PRESTWICKMonktonSouth Ayrshire
KA10 6TROONTroon Centre, BarassieSouth Ayrshire
KA10 7TROONTroon, Muirhead, Loans, BarassieSouth Ayrshire
KA19 7MAYBOLEMaybole, Crosshill, StraitonSouth Ayrshire
KA19 8MAYBOLEMaybole, KirkoswaldSouth Ayrshire
KA26 0GIRVANGirvan South, Ballantrae, Colmonell, BarrhillSouth Ayrshire
KA26 9GIRVANGirvan North, Old Dally, Dally, TurnberrySouth Ayrshire

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